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Understanding the fast moving world we live in today, Advanced Technovation Ltd is made up of a team of engineers, scientists, mathematicians, writers and project managers who enjoy solving real yet complex problems that span across sectors and disciplines. Creativity, innovation, flexibility, adaptability and thoroughness are some of the core values we strive for to ensure that our clients’ needs are met in a timely manner and standard. To achieve this, we diligently put together the best members of our team to tackle your problem – we will go the extra miles to collaborate with others like minded individuals in order to arrive at a desired goal. We are strongly committed to the best practice in quality standards while abiding by mutually agreed set of rules (including non-disclosure, confidentiality and strict data protection).

Research, Development and Consultancy

Our engineers, scientists and mathematicians are expert in their respective fields – having a doctorate degree or working towards one and are registered with relevant professional bodies.

Data Analysis and Modelling

Utilising advanced mathematics, statistics and engineering principles and skills, our team ensures that your experiments are well planned and your data are carefully obtained.

Bespoke Curriculum Development

Our team work closely with clients to provide a bespoke curriculum that is effective, genuine and dynamic, and which fulfills and articulates the best practice and objectives of learning in modern time.

Education Support and Technical Report

 Wefacilitate and/or provide essential educational support, training and workshop. This is customized to meet the needs of our clients and can be held in-house or at client’s premise or preferred venue.

Working in partnership with or for Advanced Technovation Ltd, expect:

  • Expert, yet good listeners, in various fields of engineering, technology, science and much more.
  • Problems presented, problems solved.
  • Standards and practice.
  • Flexibility, attention to details, responsiveness and meeting targets.
  • Mutual understanding and benefits.
  • Intellectual property (IP), business secrets, confidentiality and data protection highly respected.
  • and lots more.

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Advanced Technology Innovation Centre
Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Parks
5 Oakwood Drive | Loughborough | LE11 3QF | UK

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Advanced Technovation Ltd.

Advanced Technology (AT) Ltd is a dynamic Research and Development(R & D)and Consultancy company with special interest in emerging technologies. Registered in England and Wales, ATis positioned to rapidly develop across the globe while providing all-inclusive services to targeted regions.