Bespoke Curriculum Development

Our team work closely with clients to provide a bespoke curriculum that is effective, genuine and dynamic, and which fulfills and articulates the best practice and objectives of learning in modern time.

No curriculum is perfect or free from criticism; considering this, our team ensures that it produces a working and flexible guide to avoid near future obsolescence. Interest and aspiration of stakeholders are well considered
particularly the learners. Our (potential) involvement covers all phases of development and extends to its implementation and periodical review.

We provide both specialist and general guidance without compromising relevant standards. Whether you are an established or new institution or just thinking of setting up a new course, programme or training, we will be a quick point of call to develop and provide you with all essential instructional resources and assessing materials.

Advanced Technovation Ltd.

Advanced Technology (AT) Ltd is a dynamic Research and Development(R & D)and Consultancy company with special interest in emerging technologies. Registered in England and Wales, ATis positioned to rapidly develop across the globe while providing all-inclusive services to targeted regions.