Data Analysis and Modelling

Utilising advanced mathematics, statistics and engineering principles and skills, our team ensures that your experiments are well planned and your data are carefully obtained. This will ensure that the data analysis, computational modelling and optimisation meet the objectives of your investigation ensuring good use of resources.

With the aid of relevant mathematical, numerical and engineering software and techniques, we work thoroughly to ensure that all possible correlation (between dependent and independent variables) or otherwise relating to the raw data are established, particularly at the early stage of research. As part of our work, we provide guidance and direction at key stages and a final report to our clients at the end of our work.

Save time otherwise spent on data analysis, our team will carry out a comprehensive review while you focus on other works in order to meet marketing targets well ahead of your competitors.

Advanced Technovation Ltd.

Advanced Technology (AT) Ltd is a dynamic Research and Development(R & D)and Consultancy company with special interest in emerging technologies. Registered in England and Wales, ATis positioned to rapidly develop across the globe while providing all-inclusive services to targeted regions.