Research, Development and Consultancy

Our engineers, scientists and mathematicians are expert in their respective fields – having a doctorate degree or working towards one and are registered with relevant professional bodies.

Thus, researching literature, carrying out feasibility studies, and conceptualising & developing ideas is second to our nature.

We cherish our strength as a team, as this motivates our confidence in meeting your targets. We aim to use diverse expertise, love for innovation and methodological approach (to problem-solving) to transform what appears to
be impossible to a successful product or technique.

Our RnD and Consultancy services primarily focus on engineering and emerging technology but we are able to work with other sectors including but not limited to biomedical, healthcare and oil & gas.

The initial consultation and assessment of clients’ requirements is free of charge with no obligation. It is however highly likely that our evaluation will be beneficial and the project will be undertaken by AT Ltd.

Advanced Technovation Ltd.

Advanced Technology (AT) Ltd is a dynamic Research and Development(R & D)and Consultancy company with special interest in emerging technologies. Registered in England and Wales, ATis positioned to rapidly develop across the globe while providing all-inclusive services to targeted regions.