Our team members are experts in their respective fields of specialisation, mainly in engineering;physical, medical and biomedical sciences. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Emerging technologies
  • Nanotechnology (including micro- & nanofabrication)
  • Obsolescence and counterfeiting
  • Opto-electronics and photonics.
  • Laser material processing (for research, communication and medicine).
  • Component integration, packaging and reliability.
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Data processing and analysis


At Advanced Technovation Ltd, the initial consultation and assessment of clients’ requirements is free of charge with no obligation. It is however highly likely that our evaluation will be beneficial to our customers and the project will be undertaken by AT. In case is no immediate solution by our team, AT is more than happy to refer customers to other service providers offering similar services.


Feasibility Study

Save time otherwise spent on literature review.Our team will carry out a comprehensive review while you focus on other works in order to meet marketing targets well ahead of your competitors.


Education & Training

We offer general educational services to individuals and corporate bodies. We offer provide support and provide services in these areas and beyond.

  • In-house and onsite training that can be customised to suit our clients
  • Course materials (specifications and development)
  • Proposal writing
  • MentoringReview and proof-reading of academic and technical write-ups
  • Guidance, advice and facilitation of admissions to higher institutions of learning.


Innovative research is an integral component of our company’s activities; we are committed and well-positioned to advancenovel ideaswellbeyond academic research in order to benefit a diverse range of people.

Trusted by many

Here are some of the companies we have been consulting for.

Advanced Technovation Ltd.

Advanced Technology (AT) Ltd is a dynamic Research and Development(R & D)and Consultancy company with special interest in emerging technologies. Registered in England and Wales, ATis positioned to rapidly develop across the globe while providing all-inclusive services to targeted regions.